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Download American Pie Beta House Full Movie [Updated]




Tina and I were roommates at UofT and while we were there, we discovered Beta House, a hidden gem that I highly recommend. A unique establishment with a bar, restaurant and jazz room, Beta House is one of those places you know instantly you’re at. Each room is designed for a specific purpose, with an idea in mind as to how the space can be used. Most of the rooms have a kitchen but the inner-kitchen-bar is the smallest and most intimate room in the house. It is where we’d go to have a drink. The kitchen doubles as a dining room and provides access to the open kitchen, where the chefs of Beta House cook up some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, with a food-preparation knowledge that would make most chefs envious. There’s a big fridge in the kitchen where the staff of Beta House stock the bar with great food and drinks and the dining room is completely open. This is the room we’d go to eat. Our “regulars” would sit at our table and then we’d head to the bar, to the back of the restaurant, to watch the jazz jam session. It’s the jazz room and it’s incredible. I’m a jazz music lover and this was the room I wanted to go to. This room is the nicest in the house. There’s a television screen in the ceiling and you can see from your seat on the floor. You can dance if you want. Jazz is a continuous thing, just when you think the music is done, it picks up and carries you to another place. An excellent version of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, a remix of “Secret Love” by Stan Getz and “Hootie and the Blowfish”. Just when you think you’ve heard the best version of “Hootie and the Blowfish”, some young guy with an incredible voice comes up and sings it better. After two hours in this room and dancing as much as I could, we would head back to the kitchen and listen to some more awesome food. We would also hear stories about the “Beta House boys”, the fraternity house residents.



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Download American Pie Beta House Full Movie [Updated]

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