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Who Is BALJIT?!?

Who is BALJIT?!?

The Highly anticipated Self Titled debut EP "Who is BalJit"

In the mist of losing his father while working on his first musical debut Baljit goes through the trauma of losing his father during the process of making his musical masterpiece "Who is BalJit" Through prayer faith love and support from his mother brothers, sisters and extended family finds the strength from within to persevere and finish his project. Because of the tragic events playing out in this young mans life he was forced to place his Project on hold fly back to his home town of Philadelphia and lay his father to rest. Through it all though he endures and delivers track after track spell binding harmonic notes uplifting melodic tunes and rhythmically soul felt cadences. By the end of the project the question no longer is “Who is Baljit” the question now becomes what will Baljit do next?!? Make sure to watch the newest episode of Making The Label on YouTube to watch and see his journey as he went through his musical process from recording in the studio to his radio interview.

written: By Saucegawd aka Tim Hardin



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